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Rapid Print Media is a full service signage company. While many projects can be completed in-house we also work closely with local Graphic Designers to ensure we can help with any type of project.

  • Logo Designs
  • Branding/Rebranding
  • Design Concepts
  • Advertising Layouts
  • Logo Reproductions

Most companies only have their logo saved as a jpeg and most are low resolution. For high quality print it is recommended to have a minimum dpi of 300 at size, otherwise pixilation will occur. This is where RPM can help. We offer logo reproductions, reproducing your logo in a useable format. Once conversion is done you can keep, to use on all your other advertising projects or we can keep on file for you.


Solid colour decals/lettering can be produced as soon as the artwork is approved. Digitally-printed decals however can take up to a week or two to supply. The prints will need time for the material to outgas before it can be installed.

Out-gassing is a process where the solvents used in the ink evaporate out of the printed vinyl over time. Whenever we print onto vinyl, the eco-solvent ink needs to out-gas for up to 3-7 days before it can be laminated and installed. The ink is dry to touch within minutes of it rolling off the printer, but if insufficient time is allowed for the outgassing process then problems will surface further down the road. Once laminated the gasses are trapped in the vinyl and cannot escape through the front, so they are redirected towards the back of the vinyl and the adhesive layer. This leads to adhesion failures and the vinyl lifting up off the surface, particularly in deep recesses with vehicle wraps.


A custom metal sign is the ideal solution for a long term sign solution. Coming in various thickness and sizes.

ACM is used most often for outdoor signage with a baked-on enamel paint finish and can be lettered with vinyl or be completely wrapped in a full vinyl design for the best combination of customization and durability. Aluminum signs are great for outdoor use providing a rust free durable product that lasts in our harsh conditions.

A-Frames are made of steel frames with colorbond faces, therefore being resistant under most weather conditions. They typically come in two different sizes: 600x600mm or 600x900mm. Though if you are after a different size we are more than happy to fabricate for you.

Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley Signage Regulations - http://www.swek.wa.gov.au/signage.aspx

Window Decals

Frosting provides perfect privacy for your chosen area giving an etched glass look. Let in the sunshine but block out the view. Whether straight frosting covering the whole window or have a design created to create a sophisticated feel in your office.

One-way vision material looks like regular opaque vinyl from the outside but still allows visibility from the inside looking out. We use a special perforated vinyl material that allows you to still clearly out of the window it is applied to. This product only works best if 70% of light comes from the printed side of the film and not on the inside of the window you are covering.

Vehicle/Boat Decals

Vehicle signage makes the ultimate ‘mobile billboard’ for your business. Car graphics are one of the most under-utilised yet valuable advertising mediums available. Transform the look of your vehicle and advertise your company 24/7.

Whether it’s just your logo and lettering or a full vehicle wrap, Rapid Print has got you covered.

  • Wraps
    • Typically, most vinyl wraps should last at least 3 years, however some of the specialist products such as chrome have a shorter life expectancy (1-2 years). Areas that take the full brunt of the sun and the rain will generally show signs of wear first. You can extend the life of your vinyl wrap through hand washing and storing your car in a garage out of the elements of the weather, as prolonged exposure to the sun and rain is detrimental to the vinyl over time.
    • There is very little chance that the wrap will damage the paintwork assuming the vehicle has the original paintwork and is in good condition. Wrapping is not intended to cover paintwork that is in bad condition and all imperfections in the paint such as stone chips, scratches, dents, etc. will show right through the wrap. If there is any loose or flaking paint there can be adhesion failures as the vinyl sticks to the paint but the paint is no longer sticking to the vehicle.
    • To avoid damage to your vehicle it is recommended that you pay a professional to remove the wrap. Whilst every effort is taken to make sure your paint is not damaged when removing the wrap, there is no guarantee that a vinyl wrap will not remove any paint from your vehicle.
    • For wraps to be completed Rapid Print would need your vehicle for around 2-5 days to complete the installation depending on how much of your car is wrapped.
  • Boat Decals & Regos
    • Boat Rego Regulations -


  • Mine Spec Decals
    • Class 1 Diamond Grade Reflective Tape and Decals
    • Machinery & Vehicle IDs
Promotional Products

Promotional Products are a great way to increase brand recognition. Rapid Print Media can produce apparel, mugs, bumper stickers, posters and banners. Check out our Apparel tab for T-shirt Printing.



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